Day 29: Kenaley is 4th Out


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Day 29: Kenaley is 4th Out Bookmark and Share
Housemates nominated for the third time at the weekend with viewers also able to nominate a housemate in a secret vote.
Following the game changer, Kenaley and Akeem facing the axe, and it was Kenaley who was evicted.

After saying goodbye to her fellow housemates, Kenaley left the House, and said to Emma: "I'm gutted, it just feels so surreal."

Asked if she was surprised it was her who got evicted, Kenaley said to Emma: "No, because from the minute you know you're up, you already imagine yourself walking up the stairs, you already imagine yourself meeting you [Emma]. You just think that it's you straight away.

"And because Akeem's such a nice guy, it was really hard to...because, you know, he hasn't done anything malicious, he's very caring."

During the chat, Kenaley watched back who nominated her - Cameron, Zoe and Lewis - before Emma revealed she was in fact put up for eviction by viewers.

"It is what it is, you can't be everyone's cup of tea. If you don't like me then..." Kenaley reacted.

Asked who she wanted to give her 546 big coins to, Kenaley chose Hussain, "because he's broke right now."
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