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Hussain grew up in Birmingham, but now lives in Manchester.

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Name: Hussain
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 25
Star Sign:
Location: Birmingham
Misc: He started working as a physiotherapist four months ago in Salford, as well still working part-time at Selfridges.

His mother is his idol and he is a self-confessed 'mummy’s boy.'

He is confident that his time in the House will be 'The Hussain Show' and thinks he will be "the King of the House".

Hussain has a 'second personality' who is called Felix who comes out when he is feeling "fruity" and wants to cause mischief.

He wants to represent 'modern Muslims' and thinks "everyone should be allowed to be themselves".

His idol is Kanye West and dreams of one day being able to rub shoulders with him. "He's the man, everyone talks about him and he's got the swag, just like I do."

He is most passionate about "looking good" and loves his fashion. He admits to spending a lot of money on clothes and once spent about £2,000 in one month.
Marital Status:

Eviction Status: 5th
Entered the House: 16th

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