Day 32: Isabella Reveals Outside Information


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Day 32: Isabella Reveals Outside Information Bookmark and Share
Isabella dropped the ball today following the results of this week's nominations being revealed to the house.
Lewis F, Hussain, Isabella and Tomasz are all currently up for eviction.

Housemates nominated as usual on Sunday other than Hussain Ahmed, who secretly won the power of a killer nomination in Sunday's Big Brother auction. Hussain nominated Lewis, who is guaranteed to face the vote.

In the rest of the nominations, Hussain received 5 votes and Tomasz received three votes while Isabella was nominated by the viewers to join them.

Only new housemates Isabella and Hussain are aware of the secret viewer nominations, which have been taking place all series.

And she accidentally let slip of its existence to the rest of the house.

"I'm just thinking who and what would... why would someone nominate me?" she reacted to the news of her nomination.

Isabella told the other housemates in the bedroom: "I think I'm really hated. I think it might have been the public poll or something."

The revelation prompted initial shock from the others, with Akeem Griffiths reacting: "What do you mean by public poll?!"

However - somehow - she got away with it by brushing off her comments as speculation.

Big Brother quickly called Isabella to the Diary Room to remind her she was not to share information from the outside world.
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