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Lewis G

Lewis G

Lewis G
Lewis lives on his own in London and works as a bricklayer.

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Name: Lewis G
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 26
Star Sign:
Location: London
Occupation: Bricklayer
Misc: He spent part of his childhood in LA.

His mum was a Playboy model and he lived in the Playboy Mansion with her for a while.

Born on 24th July, he describes himself as a "24/7 kinda guy."

His ideal woman would be someone house-proud, healthy, good looking and with a high sex drive.

He is highly competitive and says winning is everything.

He has never lived with more than one person so thinks he is in for a shock.

He likes to be around people who don’t take things too seriously and can handle his boisterous personality. "I sort of get on with anyone because nothing fazes me."
Marital Status:

Eviction Status: 2nd
Entered the House: 14th

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