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Lewis F

Lewis F

Lewis F
Lewis is very active; he loves yoga, working out and cycling. As a Housemate, he will mostly miss the gym, healthy food, his yoga equipment and his meditation apps.

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Name: Lewis F
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 27
Star Sign:
Location: Stockton-On-Tees
Occupation: Unknown
Misc: His main passion is self-growth and self-development. He believes everyone should work on becoming the ultimate version of themselves; physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

"I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm a good person who wants the best for everyone…as long as they deserve it."

Lewis reckons he'd excel in any food related tasks, "as long as it fits with my flexitarian guidelines, with the exception of white chocolate..."

It doesn't take much to irritate Lewis, who is "tired of society looking at their phones all the time."
Marital Status:

Eviction Status: In House
Entered the House: 3rd

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