Day 17: Tomasz Gets an Advantage


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Day 17: Tomasz Gets an Advantage Bookmark and Share
Tomasz has won himself a big advantage in this week's nominations.

This series sees an ongoing Big Coin twist, with housemates' Big Coin totals providing them with the ability to buy power and privilege throughout the show.
On Saturday, housemates faced a brand new Big Coin twist that saw a big switch up to the Big Coin totals.

Housemates had to steal one another's Big Coins for themselves - or others. The twist saw a lot of Big Coins changing hands as the wealth in the house was redistributed.

At the end of it all, the three richest housemates were left as Cian, Zoe and Tomasz while Brooke, Cameron and Kay were bottom of the pile.

After, housemates got to take part in Big Brother's Big Auction which saw them able to spend their coins on prizes and privileges.

Tomasz successfully bid for an "Extra Life" which Big Brother said would give him a big advantage in the week's Game Changer task.

The Game Changer task will follow nominations - and see housemates compete to save someone from eviction.

Big Brother told Tomasz that his Extra Life could be used to influence the outcome of the task and therefore who faces eviction this week, whether or not he takes part.

Elsewhere in the Auction, Akeem bid to get gym passes for himself, Lewis and Isaac while Lewis F bought himself, Brooke, Cameron and Zoe some pizza.
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