Day 13: The Chickens are Back


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The housemates find themselves woken up by clucking, before venturing out of the bedroom to discover (fake) chickens everywhere.

Big Brother explained: "To pass the shopping task, all housemates have to do is count the total number of chickens that appear in the house."

However as well as the static chickens placed around the house, there are a few more surprises with chickens popping up on screens and appearing in the Diary Room.

A number of housemates also take part in tasks involving very real, alive chickens, with Lewis G and Zoe having to count chickens after being covered with chicken feed.

The task leaves Cameron VERY unhappy.
He complains: "I'm not a lover of chickens, at least when they're alive. They look really realistic so I'm kind of trying to... this is literally my worst nightmare. I feel like I'm in a horror film."

Meanwhile, Lewis F complains about the ongoing tension in the house. He says: "I'm sick of this house, it's p***ing me off. I just think the group seems to be controlled by people that I don't really get on with."

Discussing people hiding drinks and food, he adds: "we're supposed to be living together and cohabiting together there's no respect or f**king consideration for anyone else. We're living like animals."

Elsewhere, Tomasz takes aim at Akeem: "I'm starting to see through his bulls**t... his f**king coins got into his head so much for f**k sake. I wish I could dethrone him, that'd be so much fun."

Also, Sian and Cian chat about Kay’s crush on Brooke while Kenaley has it out with Lewis G.
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