Day 8: Lewis G Gets Big Brother Angry


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Day 8: Lewis G Gets Big Brother Angry Bookmark and Share
Following the eviction, Lewis G had a few too many 'refreshments' and his antics caused chaos in the house.
He first attempted to cook himself a meal - which ended with Big Brother asking the other housemates to step in.

As the housemates attempted to throw out Lewis' potentially dangerous dish, he shouted: "That's mine, leave it alone. Leave my mince alone."

Zoe eventually chucked it into the bin, as Lewis continued to protest: "Oh my God, what are you doing?"

Later as the group tried to get to sleep, Lewis went on to wind up his fellow housemates before following Lewis Flanagan into the toilet.

A very angry sounding Big Brother immediately called him to the Diary Room.

Big Brother told Lewis G: "Big Brother has called you to the Diary Room because you walked into the toilet knowing that Lewis F was in there.
"Big Brother takes housemates' privacy very seriously."
Added 24-09-2018 by: Ian [Admin]


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