Day 8: New Game Changer Introduced


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Day 8: New Game Changer Introduced Bookmark and Share
Just when viewers think they have a handle on Big Brother's evil schemes, the all-knowing eyes flip the script on the housemates in ways that nobody expected.

This series of the reality competition has often celebrated Big Brother's glory years over the past week, although there have been lots of fun new elements to the game as well.

There were no nominations this week, rather the three housemates with the lowest Big Coin totals - Anamélia, Kay and Sian - were automatically on the block. Ultimately, Anamélia went home.

Normal nominations will take place on Sunday (September 23), but viewers will also get to make a nomination of their own this week. To participate, visit the Big Brother website and vote for your favourite housemate.

During Friday night's live eviction show, Emma Willis confirmed that another fundamental tweak to classic Big Brother gameplay would be integrated starting in the next week with the start of the weekly Gamechanger competition.

From now on, six housemates will compete each week for the right to save one nominated housemate. The competing lot will always include the housemate with the largest Big Coin total as well as those nominated housemates - and the richest housemate can also pick another person to play too.

This twist is very similar to the Power of Veto round that's been a staple of Big Brother US for years, so it looks like producers have been taking our advice! We'll see the Gamechanger in action for the first time next week.
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