Day 6: Zoe Makes her Decision over Big Coins


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Day 6: Zoe Makes her Decision over Big Coins Bookmark and Share
As part of the Big Coin twist, Zoe has been given an extra advantage after she chose to sleep in bed 13 on launch night.  Zoe was called to the Diary Room on Saturday for a chat with Big Brother.
"Last night, you chose to sleep in bed number 13. By sleeping in bed 13 you've earned yourself a special power," Big Brother teased.

"Well, tell me more!" enthused Zoe.

Big Brother continued: "In a few days' time, you will have the power to swap Big Coin totals with any of your other housemates. If you use the power you'll be given their Big Coins and they will be given yours."

Big Brother then gave Zoe a necklace as a "symbol of your power".

"This special power is a secret," Big Brother said, "And you should keep this necklace hidden from your fellow housemates. Whether or not you use this power and who you decide to swap with, will be up to you."

"I'm right happy now. I've been feeling a bit sad so thanks for that," Zoe told Big Brother.
She then got emotional: "I just miss my boy. It's just strange, 'cause I'm with him all the time. I don't feel like I'm bonding with anyone. All the girls are together and they're doing girly stuff and I'm not like that."

Zoe then quipped: "I'm going to put my necklace in my bra. I don't think anyone's going to go down there."

Today, Zoe made her difficult decision and chose to use her power to swap coin totals with Lewis G.
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