Day 6: Gold Diggers


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This week there are no nominations and instead the housemates' Big Coin totals will decide who faces the first eviction and today the housemates take on Big Brother's Gold Mine.

In the task, called 'Gold Diggers', housemates will be split into Miners and Office workers.

One group will have to mine for gold in the mud in Big Brother's Mine while the others will have to complete desk work in the Office.

The Mining housemates will have to find gold hidden in the mine in order to pass the task. However, there is a twist, as always.

Rather than contributing any gold found to the house total, Housemates can secretly sell their gold to Big Brother in exchange for Big Coins just for themselves.

As of yesterday, the three housemates in danger with the fewest coins were Anamélia, Sîan and Lewis F.

At the other end, the housemates at the top were Akeem, Lewis G and Isaac.

Meanwhile, housemates still don't know about Zoe's secret advantage in the game in a launch night twist. She has the power to steal another housemates' bank balance at the end of the week.
Added 21-09-2018 by: Ian [Admin]


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