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We would like to thank you all for supporting us throughout Big Brother over the past 11 years. Without you, the site would not have survived. It has been a priviledge to bring you latest news from the Big Brother House.

It's All Over Guys

Brian is the WINNER!  Brian received 49.21% of the total votes.

Nikki has finished in 2nd place.  Nikki received 30.28% of the total votes. 

Chantelle has finished in 3rd place.  Chantelle received 20.51% of the total votes.

Victor has finished 4th!  Victor received 8.86% of the total votes.

Nick has finished in 5th place.  Nick received 5.72% of the total votes.

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Brian - Aged 32 Chantelle - Aged 27 Coolio - Aged 46 John - Aged 70 Josie - Aged 25 Makosi - Aged 29 Michelle - Aged 29 Nadia - Aged 33 Nick - Aged 42 Nikki - Aged 26 Preston - Aged 26 Ulrika - Aged 43 Vanessa - Aged 48 Victor - Aged 29


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