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Celebrity Big Brother 1

Celebrity Big brother 2001 ran for 8 days with 6 celebrity contestants including:
  • Anthea Turner
  • Claire Sweeney
  • Jack Dee
  • Keith Duffy
  • Chris Eubank
  • Vanessa Feltz

The evictions are listed below:
Day 1: Chris Eubank and Anthea Turner nominated.
Day 2: Chris Eubank evicted.
Day 3: Jack Dee and Vanessa Feltz nominated.
Day 4: Vanessa Feltz evicted.
Day 5: Anthea Turner and Jack Dee nominated.
Day 6: Anthea Turner evicted.
Day 7: Who wins? Voting for the winner!
Day 8: Keith Duffy evicted first.  Third place.
Claire Sweeney or  Jack Dee?
      2nd place                   WINNER
Comedian Jack Dee won Celebrity Big Brother 2001 despite his efforts of trying to escape three times!  Celebrity Big Brother was run for Comic Relief 2001. 

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