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Day 13 Round Up

Day 13 lived up to its name and proved very unlucky for a handful of housemates. Here's everything you need to know.
Added 10-08-2016

Day 13: One Housemate to pay Hefty Price

Bear, Heavy D and Lewis will decide who faces the next Celebrity Big Brother eviction – while a 'high-risk game of chance' is about to see one housemate pay a 'hefty price'.
Added 10-08-2016

Day 13: Saira is the Second Evictee

It might've taken Saira a while to get loose and let her hair down, but then our mother hen really got down with the kids. We even saw her initiate a fist bump and adopting the Essex vocabulary. But Saira, you have been evicted, and that is just so not reem. Not reem at all. Here's Saira's story.
Added 10-08-2016

Day 12 Round Up

After a day of close shaves, housemates walking on egg-shells and a little loving in the bathroom, it certainly has been a busy one. Here's everything you need to know about Day 12.
Added 09-08-2016

Day 11 Round Up

Missed out on yesterday's drama? Here's everything you missed from Day 11
Added 09-08-2016

Day 10: 4 Housemates Face Eviction

Bear, Heavy D, Lewis and Saira face the chop this week.
Added 07-08-2016
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