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Day 4 Round Up
Waking up on the morning of an eviction is never easy for our poor, blessed housemates. Things usually start in a bit of a grump, but Day 4 started with a number of pumps as Gemma got her trump on.
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Winston is Evicted
It's been a super-busy evening in the Celebrity Big Brother House! Our housemates were all prepared for a regular eviction, but Big Brother decided to throw in a little twist. The cheeky beggar.
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Day 3 Round Up
The celebs have been in the Borehamwood bungalow for a few days now, and while things seem to be going smoothly, it's clear that the sleeping arrangements are getting too much for some.
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Day 2 Round Up
It must be weird, waking up in the House on Day 2 to a brand new series of Celebrity Big Brother. Especially if you're stuck in a box and you’ve only got gruel for breakfast, and full knowledge of the feast your housemates indulged in the night before.
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Surprise Nominations
Kristina, Nancy and Winston are facing the first eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 2016 following a nominations twist that handed power to the 'most annoying' housemates.
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Day 1 Round Up
What a way to get the New Year started! Celebrity Big Brother is back and we have ourselves a House chock full of famous faces. 16 high profile individuals are currently wandering within our walls and it all got going on launch night.
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CBB Lineup Leaked
The X Factor finalist Christopher Maloney and former UKIP politician Winston McKenzie are thought to have joined the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 line-up, which has supposedly leaked in full today.
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See the new Diary Room Chair
You know the drill, people. A brand new series means a brand new Diary Room chair - and here it is in all its glory!
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Take a peek at the CBB House

The moment has finally arrived, people... you can now take a look inside the shiny and new Celebrity Big Brother House! *cheers*

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Celebrity Big Brother is Back!
Let us entertain you as the stage is set and it's curtains up for Celebrity Big Brother in January on Channel 5. What lies in store for the cast of new recruits nervously waiting in the wings? Which celebrity housemate will shine in the leading role and win… and who will be evicted as the understudies? Big Brother is hosting a spectacular that will captivate and delight viewers, as they witness brand new housemates adapting to life under the glare of Big Brother's limelight. Join Emma Willis at the live launch as the celebs are unveiled.
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