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1.Casey Batchelor
2.Ollie Locke
3.Lionel Blair


Day 22 Round Up
Having decided that the housemates have been out of the loop with current trends for far too long today's challenge was as zeitgeist-savvy as they come. It was time for selfies!
Full Story Added 25-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
Linda has been Evicted
Linda has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House
Full Story Added 25-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
Day 21 Round Up
When the housemates rose this morning (and they'd dealt with some spectacular bed hair) everyone's mind was on the fall out from last night's face-to-face nominations, particularly the big fight between Luisa and Ollie - his first! Well, except Jim, of course - he was much more concerned with observing a rare Dappy in his natural habitat.
Full Story Added 25-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
Day 20 Round Up
It was something of a tense morning in the House. Ollie was still a little bruised from Sam's rejection of his advances - luckily, Lee and Dappy were on hand with some sage advice. Though we'd be a bit hesitant about Lee's romantic advice, especially when he revealed that he dreams of Jasmine, Casey AND his ex.
Full Story Added 23-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
After Face to Face Noms
Oh, Big Brother. You sure know how to shake up a relatively happy home.
Full Story Added 23-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
Liz is 4th Out
She's done the practical work, now columnist Liz Jones can hurry home to her 17 cats and four dogs (and Lord knows how many horses) to get an article written up about her time in the Celebrity Big Brother House.
Full Story Added 23-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
Day 19 Round Up
The North Pole task blew into Day 19, as the housemates awoke to another snowy day in the Borehamwood bungalow. The Huskies - Dappy, Luisa, Casey and Lee - were straight into character, howling for their breakfast. Little did they know that this would entail Linda eating dog food.
Full Story Added 23-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
Day 18 Round Up
After the fall-out from Sunday's nominations, Big Brother decided to spread a little post-Christmas cheer. The HMs woke up to a Winter Wonderland, although Jim was a little disappointed when he realised the snow was fake.
Full Story Added 23-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
Week 2 Round Up
Housemates showed no signs of slowing down as they entered the second week of Celebrity Big Brother. The love triangle rumbled on as Lee struggled to put his feelings into words on Day 11.
Full Story Added 20-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
Nominations Shocker
The results of this week's nominations are in and it's fair to say the housemates are thoroughly shocked. Big Brother played out the nominations to the housemates via the TV screen as it was revealed that Liz, Jim and Sam will face the public vote this Wednesday.
Full Story Added 20-01-2014 by: Ian [Admin]
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