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Mr Big's Big Twist
In the thrilling denouement of The Prisoners task, Big Brother gathered the non-prisoner housemates on the sofas and dropped a bombshell on them. An eviction-shaped bombshell.
Full Story Added 04-09-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
Mr Big Demands More
Another day, another list of dreadful demands for our celebrity housemates from Mr Big.
Full Story Added 04-09-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
Day 12 Round Up
Week 3 quite literally got off to a bang as Big Brother sent three housemates to prison and slammed the doors shut. Mario, Carol and Lauren were the chosen victims - or at least the rest of the housemates think they're victims, anyway. In reality, they've been sent to live in luxury while the rest of the celebs slave away to save them.
Full Story Added 04-09-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
Charlotte's Big Night Out
Geordie lass Charlotte is known for her love of getting drunk and eating kebabs. So with that in mind, Mr Big decided to treat her to a special night out in the Diary Room earlier this evening.
Full Story Added 03-09-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
Task: The Prisoners
There's a payphone in the House, but housemates need to be careful. There'll be no family, friends or former members of Westlife on the end of the line. A new task is being prepared and a shadowy Mr. Big is planning to take three housemates prisoner. But all is not quite what it seems...
Full Story Added 02-09-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
Week 2 Round Up
Week 2 - what a rollercoaster that was, eh? Shall we take a moment to reflect on what went down? Why the heck not...
Full Story Added 02-09-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
Noms Revealed!
The third round of nominations have been announced, and we can exclusively reveal the five - yes that's right, FIVE! - unlucky housemates who face eviction on Wednesday.
Full Story Added 02-09-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
Day 10 Round Up
The morning after the eviction night before started with a bump as Sophie and Courtney were punished for their naughty nomination chat. Girls! While they were incarcerated, an air of boredom settled on some of the housemates, with some very interesting results.
Full Story Added 02-09-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
Day 9 Round Up
They'd only had one day off from eviction fretting when Day 9 rolled around for our celeb housemates but Big Brother wasn't letting up. The second eviction of the series was destined to take place in the evening and it was on housemate's minds. Courtney was particularly worried, but concern about standards of hygiene managed to overtake. Especially in the toilet department.
Full Story Added 02-09-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
Dustin Dejection
Earlier today, Dustin was given a secret special task by Big Brother. He had to take bottles of a horrible 'energy drink' into the House and try to get at least one housemate to agree that it made them feel smart, positive and sexy.
Full Story Added 30-08-2013 by: Ian [Admin]
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