Day 34 Round Up


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Still causing tension is the question of who secretly killer nominated Lewis Flanagan after winning the mystery box in last weekend's Big Coin auction. Housemates are unaware it was Hussain, with Sian instead getting the blame.

She hits back: "Basically I felt like everybody thought I had the box. I would never do that. I would never do that. I bid nothing."

Cameron Cole complains: "It's p**sing me off not knowing. It's really irritating me."

Meanwhile Hussain and Isabella have another falling out over her closeness to Lewis F.

It follows Hussain confessing to Brooke Berry he 'proper fancies' Isabella, saying he feels betrayed by her closeness to his 'rival' Lewis F.
Isabella later confronts him over his actions against her: "You are being terribly out of order. I don't know what you're trying to do to me. You're making my time in this house f**king horrible. You've just created so much drama."

But Hussain responds: "If you respect our friendship, you don't roll with my opposition."

He later declares: "I've wiped my hands of her. You've picked your side. Stay on that side now. Don't come my way."

In the evening and things explode in an almighty row. It starts between Hussain and Lewis F before Zoe and Cian both get involved.

As well as all that, there's the latest shopping task. Housemates are woken by Big Brother and told they must gather in the living area immediately.

They find a large timer which is slowly counting up, and only stops once housemates take their seats.

Big Brother explains to the group that in order to pass this week's shopping task and win a luxury shopping budget, they must complete a variety of tricky challenges in the shortest possible time.
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