Day 32: Punishments for Rule Breaking


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Over the past few days, housemates have broken the Big Brother rules a number of times.
This has included the discussion of nominations and failing to obey Big Brother's instructions.

Lewis F was called to the Diary Room yesterday after he repeatedly ignored Big Brother telling him not to jump into the pool.

But he hit back: "I felt like I wanted to run wild in a f**king imaginary rainforest and escape the fact that I'm in a confined environment with a load of f**king snakes."

The next morning, in scenes to be aired in Tuesday night's highlights, housemates awoke to find all the food had gone.

As punishment for the rule breaks, Big Brother explained housemates would have to live on basic rations from now on. Furthermore the electric appliances and hot water have all been disabled.

Big Brother said: "Housemates, several fundamental rules have been broken. Discussion of nominations , ignoring Big Brother's instructions. Ignoring Big Brother's alarms. Housemates will now live on basic rations with no hot water or electric appliances until further notice."
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