Day 31: Four Nominated


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Housemates nominated for the 5th time and the results are now revealed.

Lewis, Hussain, Isabella and Tomasz are all currently up for eviction as things stand.

Housemates nominated as usual except for Hussain, who won the power of a killer nomination in Big Brother's auction. Hussain gave one nomination, with that housemate guaranteed to face the vote.

Hussain killer nominated Lewis, who therefore could not be nominated by the other housemates.

In the rest of the nominations, Hussain received 5 votes and Tomasz received three votes. They both joined killer nominated Lewis in facing eviction.

Brooke, Isabella and Cian received two nominations. Akeem, Cameron, Zoe and Sian all received one nomination from their fellow housemates.

Once again, viewers were also able to make a nomination in a secret vote unknown to the housemates.

The housemate with the fewest votes from viewers - who had not already been nominated by the housemates - was also put up for the next eviction.

This week that housemate was Isabella who therefore joined Tomasz, Hussain and Lewis in currently facing eviction.

But as yet, nominations aren't fully confirmed.

Those up for eviction - excluding killer nominated Lewis - now have the chance to save themselves.

Once again they will compete in the 'Game Changer' task that will award the power to save a nominated housemate, including the nominated housemates themselves other than Lewis.

Those left up for eviction after the game changer will face the public vote. Housemates are currently unaware it will be a DOUBLE eviction this week.
Added 17-10-2018 by: Ian [Admin]


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