Day 19: Housemates turn in on game playing Tomasz


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Day 19: Housemates turn in on game playing Tomasz Bookmark and Share
Tomasz's game playing gets too much for the group, with a number left upset by his actions.
Brooke said: "We're all building each other up to whoever wins, we're so happy for you. We're happy for whoever is going to win.

"But he just wants to win and that's what his head is set on and we're all just competition."

Cian seemed to suggest that Tomasz was using a 'sob story' to get further in the competition.

He said: "Not disregarding his past but I've gone through my life with nothing myself, [but] I'm not shouting at people's faces to make them feel bad or why I deserve to win. I came here with no f**king money or bank account. I'm not saying the world owes me a favour, that I need to win this."
The group also took aim at Tomasz' apparent alliance with Isaac, with Cameron suggesting that he was using Isaac "for his own good".

Meanwhile, chatting to Sian and Isaac, Tomasz was more than aware of what the others were talking about.

He said sarcastically: "They're talking about me, what a big bad wolf I am and nobody can trust me because I am a game player."

Sian replied: "You are a game player, you'd s**t on anyone to get to the top but if you're playing a game that's what you do."

Tomasz said: "The problem is that not really to that extent because when I can I will help my friends in the process and it's not coming across like that."
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