Day 16: Another Big Twist


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The week ended with both Lewis G and Lewis F facing the axe, and it was Lewis G who left in Friday's Big Brother results.

At the end of his interview, Lewis G donated his Big Coins to Isaac, who was left rather upset by his mate leaving.

"It's just the initial thing. Tomorrow I'll be sweet but now.... I just feel like a little bit on my own now," Isaac said.

Describing himself as "emotional", Isaac added: "I don't know if I'm like bored of the same s**t but I could just go to him and have a f**king laugh and I can't do that now.

Housemates speculated how Lewis G's exit would change the house dynamic.

"Isaac will be nice without Lewis G. Everyone will be more calm without Lewis G," predicted Brooke.

On Saturday, housemates face a brand new Big Coin twist.

One by one, each housemate is called to the Task Room where they find pictures of the housemates and their current Big Coin totals.

Big Brother tells them: "This is Big Brother. In front of you are 11 bolts. One bolt for each housemate. Each individual disc on the bolt is worth 50 Big Coins. In a moment you'll get the opportunity to redistribute the wealth in the house. You have 90 seconds."

Tomasz' actions in the task are called into question, with Cameron Cole warning him: "What you're doing I just worry about how it's going to affect you. Are you gonna become the next scapegoat?"

And Zoe Jones tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: "I feel like I'm being a bit of a two-faced person. I feel like I should be a little bit wary of Tomasz. I want to trust him but i feel he needs to let us in on it a little bit more."

Meanwhile, Kay confides in the housemates that she's planning to leave - again - and Isaac's manhood becomes the talk of the house.
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