Day 12: First Gamechanger Task


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Before nominations are official the housemates will take part in a new 'Gamechanger' task.

The Gamechanger will see six housemates compete to save one of the housemates currently facing eviction.
The group competing will include the three nominated housemates and the richest housemate - which is currently Akeem.

Yesterday, Big Brother asked Akeem to pick two other housemates to compete to make up the six. He chose Cian and Kenaley.

Therefore the six housemates taking part are Lewis F, Lewis G, Isaac, Akeem, Kenaley and Cian.

The first Gamechanger task will see the six housemates having to search ball pits for parts of Big Brother's Dice Jigsaw Puzzle.

The housemate who is first to collect all six pieces to the puzzle, put them together and hit their buzzer will be declared the winner of the task.

They will then have the opportunity to save one nominee from the public vote.

They can choose to save themselves if they're nominated, or another housemate. Alternative they can leave the nominations exactly how they stand.
Added 26-09-2018 by: Ian [Admin]


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