Day 11: Lewis F Faces Punishment for Nominations Talk


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Day 11: Lewis F Faces Punishment for Nominations Talk Bookmark and Share
After a first week twist, housemates nominated for the first time on Sunday night and the results were revealed on Monday night.
Those with the most votes and currently up for eviction are Lewis G and Lewis F with 8 and 6 nominations each.

Unknown to the housemates, this week also saw viewers able to nominate a housemate via a free public vote. This housemate was Isaac, who joins Lewis F and Lewis G in currently facing the axe on Friday night.

Following the nominations reveal to the house, Lewis F couldn't help but spill details on his nominations of Isaac and Lewis G.

Big Brother called him to the Diary Room and said: "Big Brother has reminded you regarding the rules about discussing nominations on several occasions.

"Earlier today in a conversation with Cian, you said the following:' There is a couple of things that he's done that I'm not happy about. It's not the reasons why I nominated him, but it's the stuff he's done that I didn't like.'"
Big Brother continued: "Discussing who you nominated in this way is a clear breach of Big Brother rules and Big Brother takes rule breaks very seriously.

"Big Brother will get back to you."
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