Day 1: First Eviction Twist


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In the live launch, host Emma introduced us to the new bunch of housemates.

After the housemates were all in, Emma handed over to Big Brother who called Sian to the Diary Room.

Big Brother revealed she had been voted by viewers to be given an advantage in the game, following the poll earlier this week.

Big Brother announced a new twist called the 'Bank of Big Brother', involving Big Brother's new currency 'Big Coin', which would play a "very important" role in the series.

As she topped the public vote, Sian was given a pot of 100 Big Coins to start things off.

Big Brother then explained that throughout the series, housemates would have the opportunity to win, earn or discover Big Coins.

These could buy privileges, luxuries, and experiences, as well as being used to change the fate of the game.

For the first week, Big Brother announced that there would be no nominations and instead the three poorest housemates with the fewest Big Coins will face eviction.

"It's Survival Of The Richest," they said.
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