Day 19: 3 Face the Chop


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Isaac, Brooke and Akeem are all up for the axe on Friday night.
Last Friday night saw the second eviction of the series as Lewis G was eliminated against Lewis F.

Sunday housemates nominated in the Diary Room for the second time this year.

Isaac, Kay, Brooke, Kenaley and Akeem were all originally put up for the axe, before Kay walked out on Tuesday.

Kay had six nominations while Isaac and Akeem had four nominations each. As a result, all three were first put up for eviction.

Cameron received 3 nominations, Tomasz and Lewis F both had two nominations while Sian had one nomination. Kenaley, Brooke, Cian and Zoe received no nominations.

However viewers were able to secretly also nominate by voting for their favourite housemate in a free online poll.

This week the two least popular housemates with the fewest votes from viewers - who were not already been nominated by the housemates - were also put up for the next eviction.

These housemates were Brooke and Kenaley who joined, Akeem, Isaac and Kay in facing eviction.

But before they were put up for the public vote, they faced the game changer along with richest housemate Cian and Cameron, chosen by Cian to take Kay's place.

On Monday, the housemates were thrown a big party involving food, drink, music and costumes. Unknown to the group, this party was a set up for the game changer task.

Housemates were asked questions about the party and the rest of their time on the house. They had to then correctly answer true or false. If they were right they kept standing but if they were wrong, they were eliminated.

In a further twist, at the weekend Tomasz won an "Extra Life" which he could use to give one housemate of his choice a second chance. He gave it to Isaac.
But Kenaley won the task and decided to save herself from the axe, leaving Isaac, Akeem and Brooke to face eviction.
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