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Day 50: Jason is your WINNER!

Dad of the House Jason is your Big Brother 2016 winner! From cooking up a storm in the kitchen, rubbing up housemates the wrong way and being a shoulder to cry on, Jason made his mark. Let's take a look back on his time
Added 27-07-2016

Day 50: Hughie is your Runner-Up!

He's been repeatedly compared to Elvis Presley during his time in the House, but now Hughie has made like the King and left the building in as runner-up of Big Brother 2016! Let's take a look back at his time in Borehamwood's most famous bungalow.
Added 27-07-2016

Day 50: Jackson is 3rd Place

Jackson has come in third place! He stormed into the House with excitement, dancing, singing and his heart on his sleeve. Now it's time for him to return to the wider world - his missus and his fam. Here's a look back at his time in the House
Added 27-07-2016

Day 50: Andy takes 4th Place

Hold the front page - Andy has come in fourth place. Our fave journalist has been making headlines throughout his time in the House, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, let's take a look back at some of the highlights.
Added 27-07-2016

Day 50: Evelyn takes 5th Place

Evelyn's come in fifth place. She came, she saw, she did handstands in her bikini, but now it's time for Evelyn to pack her bags and strike a pose for the paps!
Added 27-07-2016

Day 50: Jayne has finished 6th

Jayne's come in at sixth place. During her time in the House, Jayne has screamed, cleaned and preened - but the cleaning rota is now a thing of the past! Let's have a look back on her time
Added 27-07-2016
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